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What Do I Wear?

Comfortable clothes which are easy to move in. Tights and a top are best. You will have your legs in different positions, so its best to wear long shorts or tights under shorts so that you can keep you private parts private. Socks are required for hygiene reasons; grip socks are compulsory for client working out on the equipment. They can be purchased at the studio for $20.


Do Men Do Pilates?

Yes at Rip Pilates we actually have lots of male clients that really enjoy our workouts, they feel the benefits of a stronger core, improved flexibility and less injuries from sports.


What Do I Need To Bring?

A clean pair of Pilates grip socks socks to train in (compulsory for working on the Pilates equipment), or you can purchase Pilates grip socks at the studio. A sweat towel (yes you will sweat in our sessions), water is available at the studio. Pilates mats and equipment are provided.

What If I Have An Injury Or Illness?

Private and semi-private training will cater to your needs and requirements. Group Pilates will not be appropriate. If you have concerns, please tell us, and consult your doctor.


What Facilities Does the Studio Have?

We have showers, toilets and change rooms.


What Are My Payment Options?

Cash or eftpos at the studio or pay on-line.

Please Book and Pay Online