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About Us


At Rip Pilates our mission is to help people move better and feel good about their bodies!

Julieanne is the owner at Rip Pilates, she works very hard with her team to ensure all programs are a great workout, well balanced, safe and focus on good technique and form. Julieanne founded the business 9 years ago as she truly loves and believes in the Pilates Method.
Our workouts are effective and a great low impact alternative to going to a gym as we tailor each clients workout to their individual needs and fitness levels.

Julieanne has extensive qualifications in Pilates and fitness and many years of experience in training people from all walks of life.

We offer a warm friendly environment that will motivate and inspire you to keep moving and to live a healthier lifestyle.

Rip Pilates has a fun, dynamic culture that clients love to train in and instructors love to teach in!

Why you will LOVE training with us:

✔ We make it FUN! 

✔ We make it SOCIAL!


✔ You will start to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

✔ You will start to MOVE BETTER!

✔ You will start to EAT HEALTHIER!

✔ You will FEEL BETTER!

✔ Your body will THANK YOU!


It doesn’t matter what size or age you are, our low impact workouts will offer you a way to start moving better and feeling better. If you are feeling old, overweight, stiff or just want to move better – come and see us!