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Anessa Madera
Principal Pilates Instructor & Myotherapist
"Anessa the Professor"


Having suffered from a back injury myself, I found practising pilates to be more beneficial than anything else that I tried. My approach to Pilates training and my teaching style is to take into account an individuals daily postures,body mechanics, pain and injury patterns in order to create a program that will enhance quality of life, freedom and functionality of movement and allow the person to achieve any of their personal fitness and health goals. I have earnt the nickname "Anessa the Professor" at the studio due to my technical approach to Pilates integrating my Myotherapy with my Pilates teaching.
I am a fully qualified Myotherapist and available for treatments at the studio.


Emma Chapman
Pilates Instructor
"Peaches Perfector"


Emma is a certified Pilates Instructor who has also been a dedicated Rip Pilates client for almost 10 years. She was so inspired by her own improvements with Pilates that she dedicated herself to the intense instructor training. Before teaching Pilates, Emma was a Rehabilitation Consultant, assisting clients return to work following injuries and maintaining employment whilst managing medical conditions. Emma has earnt the nickname “Peaches Perfector” for her challenging and intense glute exercises, which have helped clients to improve their posture, athletic performance and reduce their risk of injury. Emma loves to share a laugh with her clients while providing a challenging, fun and safe atmosphere. Being a busy mum to an energetic toddler, she understands the importance of creating a comfortable environment where clients get the most out of their time in the studio.