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To my beautiful teachers at Rip Pilates

I initially came to Rip Pilates in Aug 2014, as I was desperate to find some reprieve from back pain (disc protrusions, nerve impingements and facet joint issues). I started with 2 semi private sessions per week, and after a couple of weeks I started to feel the good effects, and as I improved my techniques I felt my core starting to improve and I became more aware of how I can protect my back in everyday work and life. Paula and Julianne always ensured my form was right and always made sure I engaged the appropriate areas to protect my back, and do the exercises properly.
In September I started the IRip program, I love it! It is half an hour of cardio and compex system, and I do the semi-private before it twice a week. At last measure (at 4 months) I have lost 10 cm around my waist! Although my initial intention was to strengthen my core to help my back, I have now lost a little bit of weight and toned the paunch I had on my belly, and I have also gained some cardio fitness averaging 7-8km twice a week on the cross trainer, all of which has been an absolute bonus!! I have only had one flare up since joining too.Though I could probably improve more if I watched what I put in my mouth! haha
Just wanted to say thank you very much to both of you for such a completely rewarding training regime and helping me with my back issues, and also just improving my over all fitness and body strength. What a great Christmas present!
Hope you have a lovely Holiday season and see you next year!
(PS this is a photo my colleague took of me last week at our xmas party, a bit of a poser! LOL but look a midriff shirt and high heels! something i haven't worn for a couple of years xx)
December 2014

"I started looking into Pilates as I was tired of seeing endless Sports Doctors/ Physiotherapists, all of whom had no answer or solution for a hip injury which first started giving me trouble over 5yrs ago. Some days I was in so much pain I couldn’t even sit down in one position for more than an hour. I was spending a huge amount of money on specialists and really getting no results at all, some doctor’s even told me I should stop exercising all together; as a 29yr old woman who loves exercising this was simply not an option. Before starting at Rip Pilates with Julieanne and Paula I was training 6 days a week and going on crazy diets. I was doing a variety of high intensity cardio & weights training yet couldn’t even switch on my gluts. Almost a year on and although I have cut my weights and cardio sessions back to 2-3 sessions a week I have not only improved my strength but have more muscle definition than ever before. I can’t get enough Pilates now and do 3-4 sessions a week. It feels so rewarding to see changes in your strength, flexibility, body and mind.


-Rachel Hay

Network 10"


"It is with great pleasure that I provide this testimonial for Julieanne and the team at Rip Pilates. I’ve been going to the studio for almost 2 years now after having tried many other gyms and teachers over the years. I love the personalised attention and tailored programs at Rip Pilates and the way the staff really know their stuff and extend you in each class so you make progress, without it being grueling. It always feels safe, but not easy if that makes sense! I highly recommend Rip Pilates if you are looking to stay strong, healthy, fit and toned, and working with experts who really care and provide a great service."

- Sandra Wood
Director, Great Managers

"When starting Pilates, I had lower back pain, little flexibility and strength and I wanted to loose that dreaded last 5 kg. After a one on one consultation I was placed on my own program and I began to see results within weeks. After just 4 months my flexibility and strength have improved dramatically, I no longer feel lower back pain and I managed to achieve my goal weight. Pilates will push and challenge your abilities. It is not always easy, but it is rewarding and very enjoyable. I am now able to do certain activities that I never imagined possible."

- Anna Derrig, School Teacher

"I hobbled into the studio under the instruction of my Physio with a herniated disc bulge, contemplating spinal surgery. As little as nine months later I am pain free, I am stronger, more toned & feel better than I ever did back in my gym & boot camp days. Julieanne's knowledge & passion for Pilates is profound & her sense of humour makes each class an absolute pleasure."

- Lana Dixon, HR Manager

"What a difference Pilates has made to my body. Less aches and pains and definitely so much more flexibility. I am able to play golf and cross train each week without worrying what the effect on my body will be.Can't live without it now!"

- Ann Sandy, Retired

"There's no doubt in my mind that I will continue with Pilates for the rest of my life. I am more than prepared to make the commitment if it means I will stay pain free and feeling more like a 35 year old than an 80 year old. If that wasn't enough of a reason, the added benefit to that, of course, is a rockin' hot body."

- Belinda Wilson, Customs Manager

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